Easy & Comfortable Hairstyle

When it comes to hairstyling, sometimes we want a quick and effortless look that is both easy to achieve and comfortable to wear. Here’s a simple hairstyle that fits the bill:

Messy Bun

The messy bun is a versatile hairstyle that works for various occasions, from casual outings to formal events. It’s a go-to option when you’re short on time but still want to look put together. Follow these steps to create a relaxed and comfortable messy bun:

Step 1: Start with dry hair. You can either leave your hair as is or give it a quick brush to remove any tangles.

Step 2: Gather your hair into a high ponytail or a lower one, depending on your preference. Secure it with a hair tie. For a more effortless look, you can use your fingers to lightly tug on some strands around your hairline to create a slightly undone appearance.

Step 3: Twist the ponytail loosely. Take the length of your ponytail and twist it around the base, creating a bun shape. You can twist it tightly for a neater look or keep it loose for a more relaxed vibe.

Step 4: Secure the bun with bobby pins. Tuck the ends of your hair under the bun and use bobby pins to secure them in place. You can also insert additional pins around the bun to hold it in shape.

Step 5: Pull out a few face-framing strands if desired. For a softer and more effortless look, gently pull out a few strands of hair near your face to frame it. This step adds a touch of femininity to the style.

Step 6: Set the style with hairspray. If you want the messy bun to stay in place throughout the day, spritz a light-hold hairspray over the style to set it.

The great thing about the messy bun is that imperfections and a slightly undone appearance are part of its charm. It’s a hairstyle that embraces a relaxed and effortless aesthetic while keeping you comfortable all day long. Feel free to customize it by adding accessories like hairpins, a headband, or a scarf to elevate the look.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a few tries to achieve your desired messy bun. Once you’ve mastered it, this hairstyle will become a quick and reliable go-to option for those days when you want an easy and comfortable look.

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